Many people does not know anything about emergency situation because we where not taught. Our country seems to not care to teach the public because of our excellent response time to emergency. My question is what if they are all tied up at the time then what are you going to do? You do not need to be a doctor to save yourself or a love one from an medical emergency. You just need some type of Guide to go by. My first medical supply i recommend is an good emergency medical book to guide you through tough situations. Buy another book on alternative medicines will help you also when in need


Medical supplies needed

ibuprofen for pain killer and reduce fevers
aspirin helps with heart attacks and strokes by thinning your blood
band aids, gauges, and wraps
blood pressure checker
hand sanitizers
latex free gloves
ace wraps
antibiotic cream
cotton balls and suave
vitamin c supplements
insect repellent
snake bite kit
finger nail clippers
natural laxative
anti diarrhea

This is a general list of things you need just in case of a emergency. You would never know when an meltdown happen and you will supplies to survive in a state of panic. This is just a general list do not follow for information about medical material that you need ask your physician and pharmacist.

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